Shieri "Shelly" Yamafuji is originally from Japan.

She began dancing Ballet, Jazz and Street dance at the age of 8. She came to NYC in 2007 to further her performance career. She worked with the Martial Arts Performance company for 6 years. She has also performed with various artists and choreographed numerous pieces. After graduating from Dance School, Shieri has performed regularly throughout the city.



She is a certified Yoga, Pilates and foot fitness instructor. Compelled to study these practices after an experience with a foot injury. From this, She completed Pilates teacher training at the Kane School of Core Integration, her 200-hour yoga teacher training at Dou Yoga and The Yoga School NY, her Restorative/Yoga Nidra teacher training at Ishta Yoga. Shieri has also led numerous movement workshops such as her unique pilates workshop that emphasizes the use of foam rollers and mixture of different exercises. From studying personal training and nutrition, Shieri is passionate about the well being of her clients and hopes that they can get the most out of her teaching.


My Teaching Concept

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Respect your body and background.

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Create space and Expand for the future through your body and spirit.